Monday, September 13, 2010

Treatment Day 3 and 4 (9/10-9/11)

Day 3
Today started out much the same as yesterday. I was a bit more tired. Had a really hard time getting out of bed and getting the boys to the bus but, I managed. I had an appointment to have my pump disconnected and port de-accessed at 11:45 am. I felt relatively well until I was on my way home from that appointment (around 12:30). My biggest issue at this point was fatigue. There was nothing I could do to stay awake. I got home and crashed out on the couch. Luckily The Mister was able to get off early, as anticipated, and get the boys off the bus because I was dead to the world. I slept from about 12:45 Friday until The Mister woke me at about 6:30 am Saturday...

Day 4
and I cried at the thought of having to get out of bed. The happy thing is that he's amazing and brought me Compazine and water in bed. Then he brought me Imodium and water in bed.  Then I spent the next lifetime in the bathroom trying to keep both drugs myself the Compazine. Threw some clothes and cosmetics in a bag (with help from The Mister because I was WAY too whiney and nauseated and tired to do it on my own like a big girl) and we loaded the Puppy, the Boys, my whiney self and The Mister up in the Yetti and headed out.  We dropped The Boys and The Puppy off with Taminda (aka my favorite biological sister) and Uncle B. and hit 84 East headed for The Gorge.  We bought tickets for Brad Paisley's H2O tour with Darrius Rucker (aka Hootie) at the beginning of the summer.  I really, really, really didn't feel up to this but, I really, really, really needed to hug my BFF who was meeting us there with her man.  I slept the ENTIRE way there.  I mean, like EVERY SINGLE SECOND...except the few where I woke up long enough to take compazine and try to fall back to sleep before I puked.  The Mister and Bev (my beloved Garmin) got us there in record time.  We checked in to our hotel and got changed and I got to hug the bestie and we were off.  A couple more doses of compazine, a 7 up, some animal crackers, another 7up, and a soft pretzel and I was golden.  Of course, the food just mentioned was THE ONLY food I'd eaten in 48 hours...but, y'know.

The concert was great.  Fortunately for all the other attendees they were there to see the musicians, not me.  Although, I do worry that The Mister spent most of the concert lovingly watching over me...wanting to protect and spare me any discomfort...OR...just really hoping he wouldn't have to convince Security and/or Grant County Deputies that I really hadn't had a sip to drink while I was hurling ALL over the darned place (which wouldn't be the first time...but the first time I'd have done it sober *wink*althoughI'mPrettySureI'dDenyItPublicly*).  So...he was worried about one or the other.  I guess only HE really knows.  *GiggleSnort*

I would like to publicly thank Mr Rucker (aka Hootie) for reducing me to a puddle of mush while he performed his hit It Won't Be Like This For Long. Thank you Mr Rucker.  No, really...I totally came to the concert for THAT.  Urgh. That's a whole different blog post. Ok,movingon...


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