Sunday, April 10, 2011

The boys enter Lynch Land....

Tomorrow we have the boys first appointment at Doernbecher. Hadley was treated at Doernbecher. Her oncologists there referred her to hospice. It's a place I love, but had hoped to never have the need to return to. Damn. It. Just, damn it.

Tomorrow they will have their little cheeks swabbed for DNA samples so we can check and see if they inherited my MSH2 or Brandon's. One itty bitty teeny tiny piece of's caused SO much havoc. Broken our hearts. Now we see if they've inherited this defect too. If they have, we'll start cancer screening right away.

This is one of those times I'd much rather shake my fist in protest and then go on with my life as if I'd never learned whatever it was that was troubling me so much. Ignorance is bliss, but it's also ignorance. The boys deserve to be cared for. They deserve the best chance at a healthy life possible. But really, damn it all. DAMN.IT.

Why couldn't we have known before? Could this knowledge have saved Hadley? Will it be enough to save the boys?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surgery on 4/12

My surgeon has decided that a traditional 'open' or TAHBSO is the best/safest option for me.  There are several contributing factors, the biggest being the need to be in total control of bleeding during surgery.  I have to start blood thinners right after surgery because of my history of DVT.  A bleeding situation could get scary fast on blood thinners.  Anyway, the recovery is a little rougher, the hospital stay a bit longer, the scars much more significant, but it gets the job done.  Cancer averted.

I'm expected to be in the hospital for two days.  I'll be out of commission for a few weeks.  Brandon is supposed to have the first week off, but after that I may be desperate for some company.    I'll keep you all updated on my scar collection.

Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've known for several months now that I need to have a hysterectomy.  Everything must go.  I finally put on my big girl panties and returned to the gynecologist's office yesterday.  My surgery is scheduled for one week from today, 4/12/11.  Wow.  Lots of emotions attached to this...but, mostly it'll be one less thing to worry about (less parts to get cancer in).

Now, I'm cramming a bunch of research in and trying to prepare myself.  My biggest concerns right now are my history of DVT and hormone replacement therapy, and the fact that it's looking like I'll need to have an open abdominal surgery.  I had REALLY hoped to not have to go through that again.  *UGH*  I will, though, for my guys.  Much less risk this way.

I've found a great resource for support and research on this topic.  Hope it'll be helpful to you as well.

Hysterectomy Support