Thursday, September 9, 2010

9-8-2010 Treatment Day 1 FOLFOX6

My first chemo infusion went well. My pre-meds made me really tired so I slept through the better part of the 5.5 hours. No complaints there. It did take a bit longer than I was told to expect. This created a bit of a schedule issue with getting the boys from the bus. The mister was actually in pre-op appointments and an MRI so...he couldn't really help. Everything worked out that's good. Side effect wise I was mostly just tired. When I woke up from my nap I had quite a headache. My stomach was a bit upset but, not really nausea. I think it was more intestine related than anything else. I did also have an odd sensation of feeling hot and cold and sweaty and clammy all at once. It was really odd. If you've ever seen the movie Walk Hard there's a scene where Dewey is in drug detox and the doctor says "he needs more blankets AND less blankets!" (Ok it was way funnier in context in the movie...but, that's more or less how I felt. Ok, I HAD To share it:

Another odd side effect I experienced is sensitivity to cold. I was warned about it and that it will get worse with each treatment...but, scoffed at it. Now, I get it. If I try to touch or eat or drink anything cold it results in pain. Sharp, stabbing, ridiculous pain that feels like rally cold fire or frozen pins and needles stabbing me over and over. It's dee-lightful, let me tell you. Supposedly it'll only last a few days after each treatment. Thank goodness. While it does last, though, I have to be super careful about exposing myself to anything cold. Hizzah. It could be worse. It could be worse.

I came home from treatment with a pump. It fits nicely in the pocket of a hoodie, or has it's own little strappy deal you can use to carry it around. So far I prefer the pocket method. It is infusing a chemo drug called 5FU into my port (I'll give more details on that later, as well) over a 48 hour period. I'm thankful for this technology and my ability to be home during this infusion.

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