Monday, September 13, 2010

Treatment Day 2

I woke up feeling a bit wonky. Mostly just yuck or fluish but, without the fever and the nausea. The headache was still hanging on for dear life. I took a vicodin and while it's not gone it's tolerable now. If it gets worse I'll bump up to 2. I got the boys on the bus at 7:15 this am and by the time I got back in the door I thought I was gonna lose it all over the entryway floor. Thankfully I was able to hold back. I took a compazine (nausea med) with some room temp water and sat still on the couch and it has passed. The compazine made me a bit drowsy for about an hour but, I managed to stay awake. The day passed more or less in this same fashion. I was able to get the boys to the docs office for well child checks and shots and get dinner made. Overall, the day was better than I expected.

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