Friday, September 9, 2011

A Birthday Gift...

World Vision Donations: Gift Catalog

This year we 'adopted' an 11 year old girl from Kenya for Hadley's 11th birthday. Her name is Moraa and her parents struggle to provide food and other basic necessities. Hadley loved people and would definitely like the idea of giving HOPE to children in a very tangible way and I can't bear the thought of a child dying needlessly. So, in honor of Hadley, we are making a very small change in the world, but a big change in Moraa's world.

If you (mostly family) would like to honor Hadley for her birthday I encourage you to check out this page. You don't have to sponsor a child monthly to give. There are options for one time donations too. For example, you can provide 2 living chickens for a one time $25 donation, or $385 worth of lifesaving medicines for a one time $35 donation!!!

Happy Birthday Hadley Bug. We miss you, love you, and hope you are proud of the HOPE we are trying to keep alive for you! ♥

If you do decide to make a gift, please share here so we can see the great things happening in memory of our girl! ♥

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